Heating Baths

Heating Baths

Full range of heating baths for precise and constant temperature and auxiliary heating.

Microprocessor control with timing function.

Digital display. 

Audible and visible alarm for over temperature.


  Temperature Range Power Cubage

Interior Dimension (mm)


Exterior Dimension (mm) 


BGD 834 RT +5~99ºC 500W 11L 420x180x150 570x270x260
BGD 835 RT +5~99ºC 1000W 34L 600x300x190 750x400x300
BGD 836 RT +5~99ºC 400W 12L 320x240x160 460x280x190
BGD 837 RT +5~99ºC 600W 22L 450x300x160 610x340x190
BGD 838 RT +5~99ºC 1000W 30L 600x300x160 760x340x190


Power Supply: 220V 50 Hz

Temperature Stability: ± 0.5°C

Temperature track Alarm: + 2°C

Timing Range: 1~9999min