Color Assessment Cabinet, 4 types of light (A/F, TL84, UV, D65)

BGD 274
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Color Assessment Cabinet (A/F; TL84; UV: D65)

Product Description

BGD 274 Color Assessment Cabinet comes with different lights which are controlled by a microprocessor LCD Screen that shows each Lighting usage Time. Each button controls the individual set of Lights. The CLR (clear) button allows the resetting of the lighting usage yime to zero when new lights are replaced. The on/off-button must be switched off during long periods (more than 3 to 4 hours) of non-operation. This is to reduce the possibility of heat-up as well as to increase the life span of the electronic ballast. All lights can be switched on at the same time according to the user needs. The optional Diffused Glass Panel below the lights ensures the elimination of direct reflection of lights to viewing products, There is no warm-up time, and no flickering of lights when there is a constant electrical supply. All electrical components used are of low power consumption and heat generation for energy efficiency.



  • ISO 3668
  • ISO 13076
  • ASTM D 1729


Technical Specification

The international approved Light Gray Non-Reflective Surface ensures that no light is being reflected from the surface during color matching, so, what you see of your products in our Biuged Color Assessment Cabinets will be as natural as what you view them under the natural color matching conditions. The Non-Reflective Surface has certain degree of roughness not only acts as light absorption when light are illuminated, but it is also scratched-resistance, Many Color-Matching Cabinets do not have this dual ability.

More Information

Light source model


DL 65 TL84 F/A UV CWF U30
BGD 274    
BGD 275  
BGD 276

Ordering information: BGD 274 - Color Assessment Cabinet


Main Technical Parameters

Light sources: 

Light source Description Number of lights Power Colour Temperature
D65 International Artificial Daylight 2 pcs

18 W

6500 K
TL84 Applicable to stores in Europe, Japan and Asia 2 pcs 18 W 4000 K
CWF Cool White Fluorescent 2 pcs 20 W 4150 K
F/A Comparison referential light source. Applicable to family/hotel.  4 pcs 40 W 2700 K
UV Ultraviolet Light Source 1 pcs 18 W Wavelength 365 nm
U30 Warm White Fluorescent 2 pcs 18 W 3000 kg