Wire Bar and Formed Rods Coaters

The wire bar applicators and formed film applicators are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. A coating (paint or ink) is drawn down by a known thickness wire bar or form rod film applicator over a substrate (e.g., Black/White Test Chart, Glass or Wood Panel, etc.) The drawdown motion is achieved by gripping the two edges of the applicator or by using the Holder. These applicators offer an economical means to ensure the uniform thickness of very thin films.


Model Type Coating Width Rod Length

Optional Theoretical 

Wet Film Thickness (μm)

BGD 212 Wire Bar 200 mm 240 mm




BGD 214 Formed Rod 300 mm 240 mm
BGD 216 Formed Rod 300 mm 400 mm


BGD 1152

Holder for Wire Bar BGD 212 and Formed Rod BGD 212

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