Leveling tester (100-1000µm)

BGD 226-1

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Levelling tester (100--1000µm)

Product Description

BGD 226 Leveling Tester is designed to determine the relative leveling of liquid coating materials before curing in the laboratory. (Coating materials have to eliminate surface defect during drying).

It complies with ASTM D2801-1994 (BGD 226-1) and NYPC (BGD 226-2).  It is made of stainless steel with straight scraper fitted with 5 pairs of notches of increasing depth from 100~1000μm (or 254~4064μm which equals 10-160 mils).



ASTM D2801-1994 (model BGD 226-1)

NYPC (model BGD 226-2)


Technical Specification

Once the drawdown has been made on a horizontal, firm surface, leave the coating to cure. Once the coating is dry, identify the thickness at which the pair of film stripes merge.


Main Technical Parameters

More Information
  Wet film thickness     Dimensions (mm) LxWxH
BGD 226-1 100-200-300-500-1000 µm  Gate type 120x20x20
BGD 226-2 10-20-40-80-160 mils Gate type 120x20x20

Supplied with calibration certificate

Weight: 0.3 KG

Ordering Information:

  • BGD 226/1 - Leveling Tester (100-1,000μm)
  • BGD 226/2 - Leveling Tester (10-160 mils)