Sag and Levelling Test Charts: 289 x 194 mm

BGD 1109
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Sag and Levelling Charts 289 x 814 mm; 500pcs; clear-coated

Product Description

BGD 1109 Sag and Levelling Test Charts 

Clear-coated Charts are ideal for a wide range of coating systems: water and solvent borne technologies. Guaranteed non-fluorescent paper in compliance with ASTM D 344. Repeatable color and gloss: lot-after-lot. Superior adhesion characteristics, especially with latex paints. Rugged design (0.5 mm thickness) to prevent warping and bending after the coating is applied. Packaging is shrink-wrapped with low permeability plastic to prevent moisture absorption during shipping and storage.






ASTM D 344


Technical Specification

Dimensions: 289 x 194 mm

Substrate: Clear-coated

Quantity: 500 pcs/package


Main Technical Parameters

Ordering information: BGD 1109 Sag and Levelling Test Charts


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