Spectrofotometer 45° / 0° with software

BGD 557

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BGD 557  Spectrofotometer 45°/0° with software





Product Description

BGD 557 Spectrophotometer uses the principle of combination LED precision spectroscopy, separating the light according to a certain wavelength interval and employing groups of sensor arrays to perform sensitive analysis. The BGD 557 Spectrophotometer, with higher accuracy, is very sensitive to any colors. It can measure not only L*ab value and delta E value accurately but also display a spectral reflectance curve, enabling the realization of color matching functions and the calculation of the real parameters of various color formulas.

During the R&D process, our scientists and engineers measured various color samples from dark to light, white to black, and other standard color boards provided by ISO (International Standardization Organization). The parameters of the test results are integrated with international standards.

We also analyzed parameters from Japanese, American, and German spectrophotometers. The differences in L*ab absolute values between them are within ±1.5. When comparing the L*ab values between BGD 557 and Japanese spectrophotometers, the largest L*ab difference is within ±1.0. This is a breakthrough in BIUGED's high technology, which achieves full compatibility with the international market.


Technical Specification

BGD 557 Spectrophotometer is widely used in the plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic industries, scientific research institutes, schools, and laboratories. It can precisely measure reflectance spectrum and other color indices. BGD 557 Spectrophotometer not only helps perform color matching and color management studies but also accurately controls product quality management. The instrument is equipped with high-end color management software that can connect to a PC to achieve additional extension functions.


Main Technical Parameters

  • Aesthetic design perfectly combined with ergonomic structure
  • 45° /0° geometrical optics structure, compliant with CIE, ISO, ASTM, DIN standards
  • 3.5-inch large capacitive touch screen
  • Two standard observer perspectives, multiple light source modes, a variety of color systems
  • The repeatability ΔE*ab is within 0.04; the errors between each instrument ΔE*ab are less than 0.2


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