Pendulum Hardness Tester - König + Persoz

BGD 509-K+P

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Pendulum Hardness Tester - König+Persoz

Product Description

A pendulum resting on a coating surface is set into oscillation and the time for the oscillation amplitude to decrease by an amount specified in this International Standard is measured. The shorter the damping time, the lower the hardness.

Two test procedures are considered in some detail, namely those of Konig and Persoz. The Persoz and Konig methods differ by the period and amplitude of the oscillation. The Persoz test measures the time taken for the amplitude of oscillation to decrease from 12° to 4° ; the Konig from 6° to 3° .The instruments embody the same principle that the amplitude of oscillation of a pendulum touching a surface decreases more rapidly the softer the surface but differ in respect of dimensions, period and amplitude of oscillation.

Our BGD 509 Pendulum Hardness Tester is the newest product which can be used in accordance with the following National and International Standards: ISO 1522 which supersedes ASTM D4355; BS 3900-E5; DIN 53157; NBN T22-105; NF T30-016. It's a simple to use instrument and can be supplied in one of three model types: Persoz, Konig, and Persoz & Konig combined.


ISO 1522 (which supersedes ASTM D4355)

BS 3900-E5

DIN 53157

NBN T22-105

NF T30-016

Technical Specification

  • Automatic counter range 0 999 times
  • High precision machined pendulums are good stable, ensure a repeatable and comparable testing result.
  • Easy to switch between test methods: Koenig or Persoz test
  • Suitable to different thickness substrates from 0.3mm~6.0mm
  • User friendly LCD Operator Interface
  • Release Pendulum with shutter release, can get more accuracy test result.
  • Lifting platform designed specially can fix specimen easily, platform can keep stable and no shake when pendulum is oscillating.
  • Spirit levels produced specially have high precision, convenient customer to adjust level precisely.
  • Can record automatically the time or times for the amplitude of swing to decrease from one angle to other angle and stop testing automatically.
  • Record the data with two light sensitive sensors
  • Can select record modes freely: Timing mode or counting mode.
  • Single piece glass enclosure reduces the effects of air flow on final results.
  • Come with Calibration Certificate.
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