Adjustable Applicator: Width 100 mm, wft 0-5000µm

BGD 209-2
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Adjustable applicator Width 100 mm, wft 0-5000µm

Product Description

BGD 209-2 Adjustable Applicator: Width 100 mm, wft 0-5000µm

This Analogue Film Applicator is a simple but effective instrument for applying a uniform and reproducible film of coating to a substrate. The BGD 209 is suitable for manual application of thick layers of various products on solid and flat substrates.





ASTM D 823-E 

Technical Specification

Our BGD 209 applicator is recommended only for application of relatively viscous fluids having a viscosity greater than 2000 cP. Your film applicator is suitable for manual application only; it is not recommended for use with a motorized film applicators. 

The blade of this applicator can be accurately adjusted by means of 2 micrometric screws, from 0 to 8 mm, in 10µm increment.

Suitable for various precision tests, e.g. research tasks. 4 widths available.


Main Technical Parameters

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Ordering Information

Analogue models

BGD 209/1

BGD 209/2

BGD 209/3

BGD 209/4

Digital models

BGD 209/1S

BGD 209/2S

BGD 209/3S

BGD 209/4S

Parameters Material Aluminium with hardening treatment, wear resistant
Setting scope (microns) 0-5000 
Precision (microns) 10
Blade width (mm)* 50 100 150 200

*wet film width