Basic Glossmeter 60° (1 GU)

BGD 513-2




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Basic Glossmeter 60° (1 GU)

Product Description

BGD 513 Basic Glossmeter uses a plastic shell and a one-body standard board. It can be applied in many fields, as outlined below:

  • All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.
  • Decorative materials like marble, granite, polishing brick, ceramic tile, etc.
  • Other kinds of materials and objects, such as plastic, woodenware, paper, etc.

At the same time, it boasts superior characteristics when compared to older types:

  • Small, smart, stable and simple to use
  • Operates with a single battery (AA size), rechargeable or alkaline
  • Equipped with a knob protector for ease of operation
  • Automatically calibrates and operates with one button, making it simple to use
  • One-piece design with a standard board as a base, ensuring a small size for portability
  • Comes with Bluetooth and software, making it convenient to transmit and save data
  • A single battery (AA alkaline or rechargeable) can last for 60 hours
  • Protects the measuring window with special scratch-resistant coatings to avoid scratching by samples





Conforms to ISO 2813, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457 etc


Technical Specification

  • Reading Range: 0.0~199.9 GU
  • Indication Error: ≤ 1.2 GU
  • Zero Error: ≤ 0.2 GU
  • Stability: ≤ 0.4 GU
  • Spot Size: 20mm×10mm
  • Measuring Window Size: 30mm×14mm
  • Incidence Angle: 60 Deg.
  • Volume (L×W×H): 123mm×38mm×65mm
  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Power Supply: DC: 1.2~1.5; One AA-size battery



Main Technical Parameters

Ordering information: BGD 513-2


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