Calibration Radiometer 313nm & 340nm (QUV only: for BGD 855 and 856)

BGD 8118
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Calibration UV Radiometer 313nm & 340nm (for BGD 855 and 856)

Product Description

Our BGD 8118 Calibration UV Radiometer (310 nm and 340 nm) has been developed for real-time calibration of the irradiance of UV lamps in UV Test Chambers by measuring the UV irradiance aging energy. This instrument has been calibrated at the factory for UV light. 

It is a standard instrument to measure to UV radiation intensity of our BGD UV test chambers. 


Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 140 x 75 x 20 mm 
  • Measuring range: 340 nm (UVA) & 313 nm (UVB)   0-2W/m2 
  • Max. working temperature: 70°C 
  • Probe extension line: 900 mm (~35 in) 
  • Power supply: USB supply  

Main Technical Parameters

Packing list:  

  • BGD 8118 Irradiance Radiometer
  • USB cable 
  • Quality Certificate 
  • Operational Manual 
  • Plastic case 

Optional: Probe holder


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