Density Ball 100 ml (EN ISO 2811-2, 100 ml +/- 0.05 ml)


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Plummet 100 ml (EN ISO 2811-2, 10 ml +/- 0.05 ml)

Product Description

Density Ball (plummet) 100 ml ± 0.05 ml

Method for determining the density of low viscous liquids based on the Archimedes principle. According to EN ISO 2811-2.

A body immersed in a liquid produces an upward force from which the density of the liquid can be calculated on the basis of the known volume of the body. The upward force can be read from a precise electrical balance. 

Our density balls have been developed and manufactured by Solvica B.V. conform ISO 9001:2015.  


EN ISO 2811-2  (formerly known as DIN 53217 part 3)

Technical Specification

Maintenance advice: 

  • Our density ball is precision-machined. Never drop it or knock it over.
  • Ensure proper cleaning this instrument after use with a suitable solvent which leaves no residues to avoid measuring errors.
  • Don't use any hard, abrasive materials to clean the instrument. Scratches and dents will result in permanent damage.
  • Please store the instrument in its original case when not in use.

Main Technical Parameters

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Density Ball  


10 ml

Density Ball


100 ml

Standards EN ISO 2811-2
Material Density Ball Premium Inox 1.4305
Material Shaft Anodized aluminium
Diameter Ball 26 mm 57 mm
Volume 10 ml 100 ml
Diameter 1 mm 3 mm
Overall Length 260 mm 260 mm
Working Temperature 23°C 23°C


 Not included (but can be ordered together with the density ball) :

  • Stand for density ball 
  • Electrical balance