Stainless Steel Fineness of Grind Gauges (0-15µm) Double Channel

BGD 242-0

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Stainless Steel Fineness of Grind Gauges (0-15µm)





Product Description

Many solid materials require grinding or milling into finer particles for dispersion in suitable liquid vehicles. The characteristics of these dispersions, often referred to as "grinds," are influenced by both the size of the particles and their dispersion level. Fineness gauges, also known as Hegman gauges, grind gauges, or grindometers, play a crucial role in assessing the fineness of these grinds. They help identify the presence of coarse particles or agglomerates in a dispersion but do not measure particle size or distribution directly.

These gauges are instrumental across various industries, including paint, plastics, pigments, printing inks, paper, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food, and more, for controlling production, storage, and application of dispersion products. A fineness gauge consists of a flat steel block featuring one or two flat-bottomed grooves that vary uniformly in depth. The depth of these grooves, which is graduated on the block, helps in measuring particle size.

The gauge and its scraper are crafted from hardened stainless steel. Depending on the model, they feature one or two grooves with a graded slope, graduated in microns, mils, or Hegman units. Precision control ensures a tolerance of ±2µm, with flatness of both upper and lower planes being less than 3µm.



  • ISO 1524
  • ASTM D 3333
  • ASTM D 1210
  • ASTM D 1316
  • DIN EN 21524


Technical Specification

Dispersion degree is indicated in microns (µm) or Hegman (H) units, with the Hegman scale ranging from 0 to 8. A lower Hegman number corresponds to a coarser grind, as follows:

  • 0 Hegman = 100 microns particle size
  • 4 Hegman = 50 microns particle size
  • 8 Hegman = near 0 microns particle size (indicating a very fine grind)


Main Technical Parameters


More Information
Model Groove Size (LxW) Range Overall Dimension Graduation Number of Grooves Unit
BGD 242/0 140×12.5mm 0-15µm 175×65×13mm 0.75µm 2




BGD 242/1 0-25µm 1.25 µm
BGD 242/2 0-50µm 2.5 µm
BGD 242/3 0-100µm 5 µm


Ordering information: BGD 242/0