NK-2 Iwata Cup: Orifice ø 3.5 mm

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NK-2 Iwata Cup: Orifice Diameter 3.5 mm

Product Description

The Iwata Cup is based on the Japan method of liquid viscosity measurement. It is used to test sample viscosity which is going to spray by spray gun.

Viscosity measurement can be carried out by filling up the volume of Zahn Cup with the required liquid and then placing an index finger over the orifice to stop any flow out of the liquid. A ring at the Zahn Cup handle allows the cup to be hanged perpendicularly( still with the finger stopping any liquid flow out). Prepare a Digital stopwatch and set zero. Immediately start the stopwatch when the finger is released. As soon as there is a first "break" of the flow, stop the stopwatch. The second shown is the time of the liquid flow, which is also the flow viscosity of that liquid.


Japanese JIS standard 

Technical Specification

  • Volume of Cup:50ml±2ml
  • Orifice Diameter:3.5mm±0.1mm
  • Cup Material:Nickel-plated brass
  • Cup External Diameter:35.0mm±0.2mm
  • Cup Internal Diameter:42.0mm±0.2mm
  • Suitable Test Range:20s to 100s

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