Automatic Film Applicator (250 mm) ; including vacuum bed

BGD 218-1
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Automatic Film Applicator (250 mm)

Product Description

BGD 218-1 Automatic Film Applicator (250 mm)

The automatic film applicators, models BGD 218 and BGD 219, provide chemists with a convenient tool for precisely applying coating films on various substrates. This automation reduces and eliminates errors associated with manual processes. The key factors influencing the draw-down process include the shear rate and downward force applied to the applicator tool. The automatic film applicator significantly enhances the reproducibility of paint films.


Technical Specification

Differentiating from traditional products, the BGD 218 and BGD 219 models offer the following features:

  • Adjustable variable speed: 5mm/s ~ 500mm/s
  • High precision linear guide bar ensuring stable draw-down speed
  • Adjustable height of the applicator pusher to accommodate different substrates
  • Well-designed bracket for easy and straightforward operation, suitable for easily bent substrates with the ability to add any load during application
  • Freely set starting points, making it suitable for substrates of different sizes
  • Four selectable application distances
  • Compatible with all Solvica’s applicators and wire bars of different types and size
  • Improved repeatability for film application:
  • For BGD 218: Special precise machining vacuum suction-glass plate with high smooth precision (whole plate flatness less than 5 microns) and special hardening treatment, ensuring smooth and tight adsorption of various substrates.
  • For BGD 219: Special precise machining glass plate with high smooth precision (whole plate flatness less than 20 microns), easy to clean.
  • Optimal design for the vacuum plate to ensure uniform suction power (only for BGD 218).
  • External vacuum pump eliminates all vibrations by placing the pump outside the machine (only for BGD 218).


Main Technical Parameters


More Information
Model BGD 218/1 BGD 218/2 BGD 218/3 BGD 219
Method of fixing substrate Vacuum adsorption Clamp
Application Platform Hard anodic oxidation aluminium with vacuum holes Glass
Draw down bed size (mm) 360 x 250 490 x 250 360 x 250 400 x 220 
Draw down vacuum bed size with holes (mm) 290 x 190  410 x 190 290 x 190 N/A
Max. Application Length (mm) 250  375 250 280
Adjustable Draw Down Speed 5mm/s~500mm/s 2mm/s~100mm/s 5mm/s~500mm/s
Carriage holder weight  500g x pcs  (1kg or 1.25 kg is optional)
Total power 370W 750W 50W
Temperature Range - RT+5°C~100°C -
Temperature Uniformity - ±5°C -
Power Source 220V/50Hz
Weight (kg) 40 46 42 25
Overal size, excluding vacuum pump LxWxH (mm)  500x345x340 635x345x340 500x345x340 550x320x340